MFP Literature

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2020 Calendar - MFP Seals

MFP Seals - WE'RE MORE THAN JUST SEALS - Wall Calendar for 2020.

BRU / MBRU Flier

MFP Seals BRU and MBRU Buffer Seal flier.

Custom Injection Molded Parts from MFP Seals

MFP Seals Custom Injection Molded Parts flier.

Custom Machined Seals Quick Reference Chart

MFP Seals Custom Machined Seals Quick Reference Chart. This 18” x 12” PDF file shows a variety of standard seal profiles available from MFP Seals. Seals up to 4000mm, 715mm in house. Custom variations of seal profiles or products can also be produced from your prints or sample parts.

Envelope Gaskets Flyer - T1000

MFP Seals manufactures both Milled and Slit style PTFE envelope gaskets in a wide range of sizes.

Inch/Metric Conversion Table

Ever struggle with converting between Inch and Metric measurements? Fractions, decimals and millimeters on your seals getting you down? Print a copy of this table to make it easier for you.

Made Fresh Poster 24x36

24x36 Made Fresh Daily Poster with Logo imprint space.

MEGA O-Ring Kit - AS568 - Flier

MFP Seals MEGA O-Ring Kit - AS568 Series

MEGA O-Ring Kit - JIS - Flier

MFP Seals J.I.S. MEGA O-Ring Kit - 1,225 O-Rings in N6003 compound.

MFP PTFE Rods & Tubes

MFP Seals produces Rods and Tubes in a range of PTFE materials.