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MFP Seals O-Ring Compounds and PTFE Coating Flyer

MFP Seals' list of available compounds for O-Rings and PTFE color coatings.

MFP Seals Oil & Gas Products Guide V.2

MFP Seals Oil & Gas Industry Sealing Products Guide - Volume Two

MFP Seals PTFE Back-Up Rings

MFP Seals manufactures Back-Up rings, cut or uncut, from our T1000 (virgin PTFE), in AS568D standard dimensions.

MFP Seals PTFE Ball Vale Seats

MFP Seals custom manufactures Ball Valve Seats to your specifications, from a variety of PTFE compounds.

MFP Seals PTFE Balls

MFP Seals offers this unique, low friction product, inert to most liquids and corrosives - PTFE Balls.

MFP Seals PTFE Bearing Tape

MFP Seals produces bearing tapes in a variety of sizes, lengths and materials.

MFP Seals PTFE Dip Tubes & Spargers

MFP Seals custom designs and manufactures Dip Tubes and Spargers for your application.

MFP Seals PTFE Etching

If you want to bond your PTFE parts, you'll need to have them etched.

MFP Seals PTFE O-Rings

MFP Seals PTFE O-Rings are manufactured in standard AS568D sizes, as well as metric sizes, from our T1000 compound (virgin PTFE).

MFP Seals PTFE Sheets - Skived or Molded

MFP Seals produces sheets in a range of PTFE materials, sizes and colors.