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Since 1977, Martin Fluid Power has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Hydraulic & Pneumatic sealing devices. Now as MFP Seals, we have augmented our machinery, tooling, operators, and quality control systems, to become a world-class, custom plastics, injection mold & CNC machine shop.  MFP Seals Quality Department utilizes a state-of-the-art measuring center which allows for precision evaluation of products, ensuring they meet the quality standards and  tolerances that you specify. This powerful non-contact vision system is accurate up to 0.4 µm, so we know, without a doubt, that our products will fit your application.


Horizontal Injection Molding Urethane, Hytrel®, Acetal, Nylon®, and More

 If Injection Molding is what you’re looking for, MFP Seals keeps the pressure on, producing outstanding molded products on an assortment of presses, with capacities up to 500 ton.  Keeping our tooling, design and production, in-house, guarantees that quality control is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.  From simple to complex mold construction, Free-Standing, or Insert Molds with multiple cavities, custom shapes, actions and slides, elastomer to metal bonding, low or high volume, the MFP Seals Molding Group has the experience to handle your request.   Compounds that we mold include, Engineered Thermoplastics, such as, ABS, PET, Polycarbonate, PP, TPR, TPV, PE, and HDPE.  We also mold proprietary blended Polyurethanes (of the Ether, Ester, MDI, TODI, and PPDI varieties), Hytrel®, Acetal, Nylon®, HNBR, XNBR, and FKM.  MFP Seals can make your product outperform and overachieve with custom blended compounds. Our volume minimums might surprise you. Contact us today!

 Vertical Injection, Transfer & Compression Molding - FKM, NBR, HNBR, XNBR, and More

  Adding to our repertoire, the MFP Seals Molding Group has Vertical Rubber Injection Molding, in-house. Custom designed for highly efficient production of high volume components, our capabilities also include transfer and compression molding, when lower volumes are required. Vertical Injection molding also allows us to enhance the scope of our rubber to metal bonding production, with quicker turn-around, and more efficient mold designs.  Specializing in the production of customized grades of HNBR, FKM, XNBR, and other compounds, we’ve designed them to meet or exceed your project specifications. While standard materials are often a trade-off, settling on something that only partially matches your application requirements, we regularly work with our customers to formulate compounds that meet all of their specifications, without compromise.

 CNC MACHINING  Custom Machined Thermoplastics, Elastomers, Composites, and More

 Our business is reliant on the cutting edge of CNC Mill and Lathe operations, maintaining a machining group that covers the gamut of manual to modern technology, giving us both old and new school machining proficiencies. With machines specializing in live tooling capabilities, multi-axis travel, and the ability to turn up to 40 inches in diameter (1,000 mm) in-house, we can handle your larger project requirements and take on your most complex designs, unlimited by your imagination.  Our modern CNC machines, and their skilled programmers, cover a wide range of specialized capabilities, and skill sets, to make your product come to life.  From design and engineering, to prototype, to production, MFP Seals can handle your next machined plastics project.  Our ability to produce billets, rods, and sheets, in a multitude of sizes and materials, ensures that we can get your project machined quickly, finished promptly, and delivered to you on-time.


 Our mission at MFP Seals is to provide you, our customer, with the best solutions for your injection molded and machined plastics needs. As a U.S. Manufacturer we will maintain the highest quality, best prices, and all of the conveniences that a global supplier can provide.

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