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MFP Seals Engineering Guide Vol. 3

MFP Seals Engineering Guide Volume 3. A publication containing sealing products engineered and manufactured by MFP Seals, along with compound, storage, handling and ordering information.

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MFP Seals Oil & Gas Products Guide V.2

MFP Seals Oil & Gas Industry Sealing Products Guide - Volume Two

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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Line Card

A summary of our company and its expanding range of products and services.

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MFP Seals Custom Injection Molded Parts

Flyer for Custom Injection Molded Parts

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Custom Machined Seals Profile Reference

MFP Seals creates well over 100 custom machined seals. This reference card helps you know which profiles we specialize in.

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MFP Seals PTFE Spacers

With over 140 standard profiles, our PTFE spacers are designed to exceed your expectations!

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MFP Seals O-Ring Compounds and PTFE Coating Flyer

MFP Seals' list of available compounds for O-Rings and PTFE color coatings.

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MFP Seals PTFE Dip Tubes & Spargers

MFP Seals custom designs and manufactures Dip Tubes and Spargers for your application.

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MFP Seals Seal Failure Identifier Chart

A two-page chart showing possible ways for seal failure to occur, to aid seal failure identification.

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MFP Seals PTFE Thread Seals

MFP Seals Thread Seals are made from a proprietary blend, PTFE, specifically developed for this application.

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