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Inch/Metric Conversion Table

Ever struggle with converting between Inch and Metric measurements? Fractions, decimals and millimeters on your seals getting you down? Print a copy of this table to make it easier for you.

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MFP Seals PTFE Balls

MFP Seals offers this unique, low friction product, inert to most liquids and corrosives - PTFE Balls.

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MFP Seals ISO 9001-2015

Download to view our certificate of registration for ISO 9001-9015

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MFP Seals PTFE Sheets - Skived or Molded

MFP Seals produces sheets in a range of PTFE materials, sizes and colors.

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MFP Seals PTFE Skived Tape

MFP Seals produces an array of Skived Tape from a variety of PTFE materials.

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MFP PTFE Rods & Tubes

MFP Seals produces Rods and Tubes in a range of PTFE materials.

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MFP Seals Lantern Rings

MFP Seals can custom manufacture Lantern Rings from PTFE materials, designed to fit your application.

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MFP Seals PTFE Ball Vale Seats

MFP Seals custom manufactures Ball Valve Seats to your specifications, from a variety of PTFE compounds.

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MFP Seals PTFE Back-Up Rings

MFP Seals manufactures Back-Up rings, cut or uncut, from our T1000 (virgin PTFE), in AS568D standard dimensions.

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MFP Seals PTFE O-Rings

MFP Seals PTFE O-Rings are manufactured in standard AS568D sizes, as well as metric sizes, from our T1000 compound (virgin PTFE).

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