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XS Seals flyer

MFP Seals produces a full range of Spring Energized Seals, know as our XS Seal® line, designed for applications that present challenges for conventional seal designs and materials. See what's available, download this flyer, today.

X-PAC Family Flyer

X-PAC® Family products flyer from MFP Seals. Featuring XP Standard Lip; XP B-Lip; XPR - B-Lip & Twin-Lip; XPAR - B-Lip & Anti-Extrusion Ring; XPRA B-Lip, Twin-Lip, & Anti-Extrusion Ring; and XPYS Y-Expander and Secondary Lip, Rod and Piston Seals

Shelf Life Guidelines - Polymers

MFP Seals Polymer Elastomer Shelf Life Guidelines Page

S SC SW SWC Rod Wiper Flier

MFP Seals Standard Metallic Rod Wipers - Series S, SW, SC, and SWC. For light and medium duty rod wiping applications.

Product Portfolio - MFP Seals

The MFP Seals' Product Portfolio is a general reference guide (index) to the full line of MFP Seals products and services. Revised September 2023.

More Than Just Seals - Line Card 2021

MFP Seals Products and Services Line Card - More Than Just Seals 2021

Mobile Equipment Seals & Kits Flyer

Are you looking for seals to enhance your new Mobile Equipment/Cylinder Design? MFP Seals has what you need.

MFP Seals' Seal Failure Example Chart

A two-page chart showing the many possible ways a seal can fail and how to help keep it from happening again.

MFP Seals SWCP Metallic Rod Wiper Flier

MFP Seals SWCP Premium Metallic Rod Wiper is designed to scrape contaminants from the rod, protecting internal components of the hydraulic system.

MFP Seals PTFE Thread Seals

MFP Seals Thread Seals are made from a proprietary blend, PTFE, specifically developed for this application.