SKF Polyseal

In business since 1973 SKF Polyseal produces a broad range of hydraulic seals and guide elements for hydraulic applications.

Profile Overview:

Piston Seals
MPV profile
DPV profile
LPV profile
CPV profile
GH profile
APR profile
LCP profile
LTP profile
CUT profile
SCP profile
MD-L profile
UNP profile
PTB profile
STD profile
DZ profile
Rod Seals
S1S profile
ZBR profile
UBR profile
SIL profile
PTB profile
STD profile
DZ profile
DZR profile
RBB Profile
S9B profile
RSB profile
Wiper Seals
PA profile
MCW profile
PAD and PADV profile
DTW profile
DX profile
HW profile
Guide Rings and Guide Strips
WAT rod or piston guide rings
RGR rod guide rings
PGR piston guide rings
PTFE guide strips in different designs and configurations