Assemblies: CPX Piston Seals®

MFP Seals® CPX Piston Seals® is a double-acting piston seal designed to directly interchange with T-Seals, O-Rings, and X-Rings in non backup ring grooves. The urethane sealing surface produces a positive seal from vacuum to high pressure, due to a narrow single line seal contact area.

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MFP Part Number ØD1 ØD2 ød1 L1
CPX-222U41501.7501.7481.5000.187---Add to RFQ
CPX-232U41503.0002.9982.7500.187---Add to RFQ
CPX-240U41504.0003.9983.7500.187---Add to RFQ
CPX-326U41502.0001.9981.6250.281---Add to RFQ
CPX-326-2U41502.0001.9981.6250.423---Add to RFQ
CPX-330U41502.5002.4982.1250.281---Add to RFQ
CPX-330-2U41502.5002.4982.1250.423---Add to RFQ
CPX-332U41502.7502.7482.3750.281---Add to RFQ
CPX-332-2U41502.7502.7482.3750.423---Add to RFQ
CPX-334U41503.0002.9982.6250.281---Add to RFQ
CPX-334-2U41503.0002.9982.6250.423---Add to RFQ
CPX-338U41503.5003.4983.1250.281---Add to RFQ
CPX-342U41504.0003.9983.6250.281---Add to RFQ
CPX-342-2U41504.0003.9983.6250.423---Add to RFQ
CPX-350U41505.0004.9984.6250.281---Add to RFQ